A Cue On The Best Websites That Think In React.JS

How does React improve the performance of its applications?

Why are React websites SEO Friendly?

Why are React applications easy to debug?

Which React techniques can optimize app performance?

  • Avoid using the index as a Key
  • UseEffect() and UseCallback()
  • React.memo
  • React.Fragments
  • Lazy Loading
  • Progressive Images
  • JS Animations instead of CSS Animations
  • Production build
  • Basic Inputs — Button, ButtonGroup, Checkbox, Input, Slider, Radio, Textarea, FormControl
  • Navigation — Breadcrumbs, Header navigation, Link, Pagination, Side Navigation, Tab
  • Other Components — JSX, Rendering elements, Components and Props, State and Lifecycle, Handling Events, Conditional Rendering, Lists and Keys, Forms, Lifting State Up, Composition vs. Inheritance

ReactJS Website Examples

  • Csdn.net
  • Apple.com
  • Alibaba.com
  • Cnn.com
  • Udemy.com
  • Aliyun.com
  • Upwork.com
  • Wix.com
  • Zoho.com
  • Homedepot.com
  • FaceBook
  • NetFlix
  • Dropbox

React.JS Features

  • Main Applications — Facebook, Instagram
  • Is it extensible — Yes
  • What is the speed — 310 milliseconds
  • DOM — Virtual, only renders changed data with a patching mechanism.
  • Architecture — View components of the MVC architecture.
  • Learning Curve — Easier to start, contains a simplified API and syntax.
  • Structure and Components — Same, but can integrate HTML, with JS using JSX.

ReactJS Benefits

Chin Up React.JS Developers

Review of the old Z8

IPTV Equipment Purchasing Guide

  • MAG322
  • Z7 + formulator
  • 256 vs. MAG254
  • IPTV box

Processor speed

Internet connection


Summary and features

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What should you know to get started?

Popular React Application

React JS with Spring Boot 2.2

React JS with TypeScript

React.js and React Native

Functional App Development with React

Conclusion: How do ReactJS development companies roll up React?

  1. It starts with autoconfiguration via CLI and actuator,
  2. creating, and securing REST API with Spring Boot 2.2 and DevTools,
  3. Exploring Spring Boot Auto Configuration and Customization,
  4. Creating application profiles based on the environments,
  5. Configuring backend data using JDBC and Spring Data JPA,
  6. Configuring a DataSource for H2 DB, and also for Maria DB,
  7. Designing a REST architecture based application,
  8. Creating a REST application using HATEOAS,
  9. Consuming REST APIs endpoints with RestTemplate, Traverson, and WebClient,
  10. Exploring JWT web token for the RESTful APIs and exploring how to secure REST APIs using OAuth2 and Spring security,
  11. Creating TESTING module of the Spring Boot application and Unit & Integration testing,
  12. And finally deploying the application to the cloud platform (PaaS).
  13. Containerization and Deploy using Docker containers



Konstantinfo is an award-winning web and mobile application development company with sole aim of providing quality services to both startups to large enterprise

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Konstant Infosolutions

Konstant Infosolutions

Konstantinfo is an award-winning web and mobile application development company with sole aim of providing quality services to both startups to large enterprise